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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Short low price web hosting Summary

Short Review on low price web hosting

LLMP Configuration

Sun, 25 Mar 2007 02:41:42 -0400
LLMP is a better LAMP . It is fast
and stable. Lighty+php is 25% faster than Apache+mod_php . An
LLMP server will provide 2 to 3 times faster than a LAMP. Lighttpd webserver
is under BSD license so that you can configure it as you wish.

Did you know that the Web Hosting Show was Yakov Smirnoff’s favorite way to spend a lazy afternoon? Ok, maybe that isn’t true but I will update you on the rise of the Soviet Union domain name extension as well as pull the curtain other myths and rumors about SEO. Now just as long as Yakov’s lawyers don’t shut me down, the Web Hosting Show is on the air.

Some of the premium domain names aren’t that bad but look how expensive they are!

Lately, hostican hosting had upgraded their shared hosting plan. And base-host is now offering 600GB storage space, and the tera-host is now offering 1000GB storage space. If you require lots of storage space and monthly bandwidth, its advice to select the tera-host hosting plan, or even a hostican vps hosting plan that definately will give you more server resouces and processing power.

Now why and how does this happen? Well with some, but not all, domain name registers they make the renewal process so confusing and difficult to get through the client gives up and leaves. This probably couldn’t happen to people with established businesses or web sites Online but it could with those who might not know any better. I am reminded of the older gentleman who will hang up on a phone call anytime he is faced with a multiple choice pre-recorded option rather than a real person to answer his problems. That type of person is more likely to fall for this type of scam.

low price web hosting Items For Viewing

Lunar Pages is the best host I've ever used. They excel in customer support. I
have had many questions about design issues and they helped me even though it
was not included. They have an outstanding community with 15,000 members -
Lunarforums - which is very informative if you've any questions or issue. The
questions get often answered in under 3 minutes. Their uptime is fantastic, I
noticed only 2 minutes downtime last year. When I signed up for Lunarpages, the
web space was 800 MB and bandwidth 20 GB. Now the web space is 3,000 MB and
bandwidth 400 GB (they upgraded my account free of charge). Seriously, they are
the best service around, couldn't ask for better.

Click Here to go to Lunar Pages

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