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Sunday, May 11, 2008

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The additional domains, those at regular prices, are the worst of the crop, wouldn’t you say? I mean, who wants to start a web site called “Web Hosting Store” or “Net Life Hosting.” Also, maybe it’s just me, but doesn’t it seem strange to have the word online and hosting together in the same domain name?

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As long as the file is still being downloaded, they will never take your files down. Now if a file is uploaded once, downloaded once and then not touched again for six months then you might see them taking it down to make more room for other material. That is totally understandable. Also, it goes without saying that copyrighted or illegal material is not allowed and will be removed.

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The Planet is a leading provider of On Demand IT Infrastructure solutions, hosting over 22,000 small and medium size businesses and 6.7 million web sites worldwide, using the best choice of servers, software tools and support, backed by enhanced facilities and network connectivity.

Ix web hosting review after 12 months hosted

Sun, 02 Mar 2008 08:10:13 +0000
Over the 12 months hosted with ixwebhosting, it had been really great! I have to say that the ix web hosting server uptime is good and the server is much realiable as well. This ix web hosting review site is being monitored 24/7 and every 5 minutes for server downtime or any websites problems. So ...]

While it is true that a site is most vulnerable when it is successful, this does not mean that a webmaster should be asleep until then.

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